Valves & Actuators

dserv has the experience and capability to repair different types of valves up to 48” size and 15,000 PSI pressure rating. Our service includes reconditioning of valve bodies and sealing internals. In addition we service all types of actuators (i.e. pneumatic, hydraulic and electric) and relevant accessories.

Supported by a 35 years of experience in valve manufacturing, the company works closely with major Oil & Gas operators, industrial plants, and OEM’s to assure optimal operation for the installed valves by offering preventive maintenance schemes or break down services.

dserv has a large team of experienced and well trained valve engineers and technicians who support our clients requirements either at shop or onsite around the MENA region. Services include:

  • Pressure Testing as per API 598, API 527, API 6D, & API 6A.
  • Repairing, overhauling, and commissioning of pipeline valves such as gate, globe, ball, check, etc.
  • Diagnostic services, calibration, and overhauling of Control Valves
  • Parts manufacturing for valve industry
  • Rental of mobile workshop and pressure testing rigs for PRVs & API 6A equipment.
  • Valve cleaning for Oxygen service
  • Asset management, maintenance planning, and procurement services
  • Valve Inspection & Identification Service
  • Valve Modification
  • Testing, calibration, and overhauling of Pressure Relief Devices “PRD” including conventional type, pilot operated type, and breather/vacuum valves.
  • Trevitest for Safety Valve (online testing)

Weld Repair & Exotic Alloys Welding

We continuously invest in developing new procedures that include exotic alloys (ex. Stainless Steel, Inconel,..etc) . The company has the adequate equipment and resources to apply SMAW, GTAW, & Spot welding.

Services include:
  • Weld repair of casting defects (valves, pumps,...etc)
  • A.S.M.E. code certified welding
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • Stainless Steel & Inconnel Welding for process equipment

Engineering and Manufacturing

The in-house engineering is one of the core strengths of dserv. Our qualified engineers and modern engineering tools can empower your industry with cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Sample tools include:
  • AutoCAD & Solid Works
  • COSMOS Simulation
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • 3D Printing (Rapid Prototyping)

Measuring and Testing

We have capabilities for:

  • Coordinate Measurement by Portable Arm
  • Positive Material Identification “PMI”
  • Mechanical Tests (Tensile, Impact, Hardness,etc...)
  • Non Destructive Tests (Dye Penetrant , Magnetic Particle, and Radiography)
  • Load Tests
  • Instrument & Gauge Calibration


dserv has a modern CNC machine shop to support all our machining and parts manufacturing activities. Our know-how and skills in machining were gained from a 35 years of experience in producing valves and wellhead components for Oil & Gas industry.

Services include:
  • CNC & Conventional Machining
  • Grinding and lapping for sealing surfaces
  • Parts manufacturing for OEM’s and end-users
  • In-situ machining (ex. seats reconditioning & flange facing)

Cladding & Surface Hardening

Cladding can be described as the welding of two materials with different qualities. A high-quality material (ex. Inconel) can be claded on a cheaper base material (ex. Carbon steel) in order to increase the erosion and corrosion resistance of a product. This is a good alternative for expensive duplex materials. Cladding (surfacing) is also applied to increase the mechanical qualities. The company has modern and fully automated cladding rigs for the following applications:

  • Valve parts
  • Heat exchanger
  • Nozzles for chemical barrels
  • Bearing bushes for all industries
  • Axle journals
  • Wearing plates for concrete and sand industries.

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) or Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted or heated materials are sprayed onto a surface. The "feedstock" is heated by electrical (plasma or arc) or chemical means (combustion flame). Thermal spraying can provide thick coatings (compared to electro-plating) over a large area at high deposition rate. The process is used for corrosion protection, fouling protection, and wear resistance (hard facing). The company has a modern and automated HVOF system suitable for the following applications:

  • Seats, gates, and valve components
  • Shafts and piston-rods
  • Tools & fasteners

Wellhead Equipment and Xmas Trees

dserv proactively service, manufacture and supply API 6A & API 16A equipment for fast-track projects. The company has well-trained and experienced Field Service Engineers to cater our clients demand in the MENA region. Services include:

  • Supply of API 6A Wellhead Equipment & Xmas Trees, Gate & Choke Valves
  • Supply of Casing & Tubing Hangers
  • Supply of Fittings, Studs, & Ring Gaskets
  • Field installation, testing, & servicing of Wellhead & Xmas Tree
  • Shop testing, servicing, overhauling, & modification of Wellhead Equipment
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