Headquartered in Qatar and located in the New Industrial Area, DServ is within 30 minutes from Measieed Industrial City (MIC), 90 Minutes from RasLaffan Industrial City (RLIC) and 90 minutes from Dukhan Fields.

Our State-of-the- art facility is highly equipped with high-tech engineering tools and equipment for valve services which include:

Thermal Spray & Cladding

  1. Programmable cladding machines (7 nos.) from Polysoude & Fronius with rotating tables and heads. Ideal for Inconel 625 spools and pipes cladding.
  2. High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) with Horizontal Rotator and Robot-Manipulated-Spray-Gun for complicated geometries, capable of spraying different coating material such as Tungsten Carbide, Stallite 6, etc...

Valve Testing

  1. Pressure Testing Facility (Hydro & Gas) up to 30,000 psi with chart recorders.
  2. Test Benches for Pressure Safety and Breather valves (7 nos.).
  3. Fittings, fasteners, and Testing Flanges up to 36 “ class # 600.


  1. Computer aided design and 3-D modeling capabilities using CAD and Solidworks software.
  2. Finite Element Analysis with complete ability to model and analyze different geometries and variety of different types of loading, such as static, dynamic, buckling, etc...
  3. Rapid prototyping through 3-D Printer (plastic)

Tools & Machineries

  1. Horizontal turning M/C, DMG ECO 510, X-Axis =300mm, Z-Axis=1050mm, Max. turning Dia=465mm, with milling attachments.
  2.  Horizontal turning M/C, PUMA 400, X-Axis =362mm, Z-Axis=1105mm, Max. turning Dia=550mm.
  3. Horizontal turning M/C, PUMA 400 M, X-Axis =357mm, Z-Axis=1105mm, Max. turning Dia=550mm, with milling attachments.
  4. Horizontal turning M/C, PUMA 280, X-Axis =242mm, Z-Axis=680mm, Max. turning Dia=420mm.
  5. Horizontal turning M/C, PUMA 800, X-Axis =470mm, Z-Axis=1650mm, Max. turning Dia=900mm.
  6. Horizontal turning M/C, PUMA 800 LM, X-Axis =470mm, Z-Axis=3235mm, Max. turning Dia=900mm, with milling attachments.
  7. Vertical Turning Lathe, YUSHINE, X-Axis=1475mm, Z-Axis=900mm, Max. turning Dia=1350mm.
  8. DMG-DMC 125 FD, 5-Axis Machine, Pallet changer , Turn/Mill Machine, Spindle speed 10,000 RPM, Spindle Power = 60 Kw, ATC Number of tools =60, HSK Tool Type, X-Axis=1250mm, Y-Axis=1250, Z-Axis=1000mm.
  9. Lathe, Dean, Smith & Grace, Type 36, to admit between centers 72”, swing over carriage 39”, swing in gap 58”, hollow spindle 4 1/2”, taper turning attachment, 22” Dia. 4 jaw chuck, 21” 3 jaw chuck, steady rest, power drilling attachment, compound slide with power feed, full DRO.
  10. Lathe, Swift, Type 16C SS and SC all Geared Gap Bed, 60” Between Centers, 33” Swing Over Bed, 22” Swing Over Crosslide, 56” Swing in Gap, 4 1/8” Hollow Spindle, Hydraulic Copying Unit, Full DRO.
  11. Lathe, Acra, Model 460 x 1600, to admit between centers 60”, swing 18”, 16” 4 jaw chuck, 12” 3 jaw chuck, taper attachment, 4 way tool post, tailstock, thread cutting.
  12. Vertical Turret Lathe, Scheiss, Model KE 125 with digital readout, Table Dia. 49”, Max. Vertical travel 52”, with 5-way toolpost, turret types.
  13. Vertical Turret Lathe, Summit, 48” Dia. Table, w/4 Jaw Power Chuck, 50” under Rail
  14. Universal Milling & Boring Center, Secmu, Type FBF-5PE / AB4, 2000 mm x 680 mm Table, 1500 mm Left to Right Travel, 710 mm In to Out Travel, 18 Spindle Speeds 35 - 1265 rpm, with Full Tooling Package, full DRO.
  15. Horizontal Boring & Facing Machine, Kearns Richards, Type SF 125L, with Screw cutting and Traveling Spindle, Machine Table Load 8 Tons, with full Tooling Package and Full DRO.
  16. Horizontal Boring Mill, Union 48” square table, indexable on 1-degree increments, facing head, threading.
  17. Universal Mill, TOS, with horizontal and vertical heads, power feed to table, with taper adapters.
  18. Radial Drill, Weiss Manfred, 5’ Arm.
  19. Radial Drill, Kitchen Walker, 6’ Arm, power locking, 18 speeds
  20. Vertical Turret Lathe, Giddings & Lewis, 64” Dia. Table w/ 4 Jaw Power Chuck, to Swing 74”, 60” Under Rail, 5 Station Turret Head, 4 Position Power Indexing Ram Head, with G&l Numeripoint Control.
  21. Hollow-Spindle Lathe, Fuji-Seiki, Model FX 4120A, w/ 14” Spindle Bore, Automatic Threading Cycle, 2 x 24” 4-Jaw Chucks, to Swing 40”.
  22. ESAB TIG Welding Machines
  23. Welding positioner, Ransome, 2500lb capacity.
  24. Kemet 36" Lapping Machine.
  25. Grease pumps.
  26. Buffing Machines.
  27. Hydraulic Press Machine (Capacity 150 Tone).
  28. Air blast Machines.
  29. Hydraulic Climbing Test Bench for valves up to 16”
  30. Hydraulic Hand Pump 700bar.


  1. Vernier Calipers
  2. Depth Micrometers
  3. Outside micrometers
  4. Inside Micrometers
  5. Thread Gauges
  6. Pressure Gauges
  7. Pressure Chart Recorders
  8. Temperature Gauges
  9. Torque Wrenches
  10. Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  11. Hardness Tester
  12. Roughness Tester
  13. Impact Testing Machine
  14. Tensile Test Machine
  15. Faro CMM Machine
  16. MPI Equipments
  17. PT Equipments
  18. Welding Inspection Equipments
  19. Coating Inspection Equipments
  20. Master Slip Gauges
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